Friday, July 29, 2016

The strange "freewillers"

I know we all have our idiosyncrasies, and what we see in others can come back on ourselves. But here are some weird things I've noticed...about the loudest advocates of libertarian free will.

  • Those who make free choice of salvation the hallmark of their theology often insist that God has done all He can do to save man -- and then pray for Him to do more.
  • Those who make the necessity of free choice to sin the hallmark of their theology eagerly look forward to a time when they will no longer be able to freely choose to sin. (At least in this, perhaps, we can all agree!)
  • Those who make human free choice the hallmark of their theology contend God cannot freely choose to do anything which goes against His own nature, yet are satisfied that man not only can, but must be able to choose against his own nature.
  • Those who make unrestrained free choice the hallmark of their theology believe that individual acts of wickedness cannot be prevented by God on an arbitrary basis, yet try to do everything humanly possible to arbitrarily restrain such acts.
  • Those who hold free choice of salvation as the hallmark of their theology maintain that God cannot effectually call men to salvation, but then work through the wildest methods, vainest gimickry and strongest pressures to make men freely choose Jesus!
  • Some of the most avid proponents of libertarian free will reject Bathsheba's response to David from being a free response, because David was a king and she his subject -- yet they insist we creatures can make a free response to God the King of the whole universe.
  • Some of the strongest advocates of the libertarian free will of man also assert than sexual predators cannot change -- cannot ever use their own free will to change themselves.

These seem like strangely inconsistent views that don't go together.

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