Thursday, July 21, 2016

Baptism is Important

In Chapter 3 of Restoring Integrity in Baptist Churches, Daniel Akin give an unique presentation of "The Meaning of Baptism." Akin exposes seven implications of the meaning of baptism from Romans 5:12-6:14 -- we are now identified with the man of life, not the man of death (5:12-21); we can no longer delight in sin, we are dead to sin (6:1-2); it identifies us with Christ in His death (6:3); it identifies us with Christ in His life (6:4-5); it affirms we are no longer enslaved to sin (6:6-7); it reflects confidence in the life in Christ that will never end (6:8-10); and it is the basis of the daily mortification of the flesh (6:11-14).

I thought that was interesting and plan to study it further when I have more time.

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