Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Baptist history vindicated, and other links

The posting of links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites linked, and not necessarily even agreement with the specific posts linked.

  • Baptist History Vindicated -- "At this juncture of time the providence of God brought to this city one Mr. Canne, a baptized man; it was that Mr. Canne that made notes and references upon the Bible."
  • Brief History of the SBC Conservative Resurgence -- "Officials and trustees were often defensive, obstructive, even deceptive in dealing with doctrinal concerns."
  • Greek Nuggets or Fool's Gold? -- "Bible believers are constantly bombarded by Greek experts, who claim to have special insight to the hidden nuggets of the Greek N.T."
  • Historical Take on Baptism -- "Baptism is never described in the Bible as the ‘seal’ of anything."
  • Notes on London’s Oldest Baptist Church -- "In spite of all the [Kiffen Manuscript] has passed through it is still very reliable. The KM says nothing to discredit John Spilsbury, William Kiffen or Paul Hobson and the first three Particular Baptist churches formed in the 1630s."
  • Original Constitution of the Southern Baptist Convention -- "We, the delegates from Missionary Societies, Churches, and other religious bodies of the Baptist Denomination, in various parts of the United States, met in Convention, in the city of Augusta, Georgia..."
  • Philadelphia Baptist Association, Circular Letter, 1808 -- "Again, the term Church is thoughtlessly applied to every body of people in the world who profess the Christian name, whether they stand in the truth of Christ or not..."
  • Pilgram Marpeck: Exposé of the Babylonian Whore -- "But no one may coerce or compel true faith in Christ, for it is concerned not with temporal but eternal life."
  • Seven Summits Worth Climbing in Church History: Balthasar Hubmaier -- "Though born into the peasant class, Hubmaier grew to be called the “Doctor of Anabaptism” in recognition of his educational attainments under the famous Roman Catholic apologist, Eck of Ingolstadt."
  • The Baptism of Jesus -- "If John's baptism was not Christian: - The Christ was without Christian baptism.
  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit -- "...the same Spirit influences all nations to yield an obedience to the instituted appointments of Jesus Christ, and so come into the union of the body the church."
  • The Controversy -- " the 20th century for the first time, the integrity of the Scripture began to be questioned in the upper echelons of Southern Baptist educational and denominational life in stark contrast to the millions of Southern Baptists in the pews every Sunday."

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