Sunday, March 06, 2016

Substantial Truth

1. Substantial Truth, O Christ, thou art,
The Witness and the Theme;
The Light of life thou dost impart,
And by thy Truth redeem.
Thee of thy Church the only Head,
Master and Lord we own;
And by thy Word and Spirit led,
Will follow thee alone.

2. Thou Lamb of God for sinners slain,
We glorify thy love;
High-Priest in heaven's eternal fane,*
Our Advocate above,
Now, through thy rended veil of flesh,
We dare the Throne draw nigh,
And, sprinkled with thy blood afresh,
With boldness, Abba, cry.

3. Thou art the King of glory, Lord,
Of every realm and race;
Omnipotent thy sovereign word,
Invincible thy grace.
Assume thy universal sway,
Tread down thy monster foes;
Let earth and heaven thy will obey,
And sin's mad conflict close.

--Josiah Conder

* fane = a temple

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