Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Happy 180th!

Today is the 180th anniversary of Texas independence. On March 2, 1836, delegates at Washington (on-the-Brazos) passed a declaration of independence from Mexico. In recognition of this date, I offer a link to The Myth and Meaning of Texas Independence by Stephen L. Hardin of Victoria College.
"March 2, 1836 dawned, frigid and gray; cutting winds blew through glass-less windows."
"Both Anglo-Celtic Texians and the native Tejanos fought for self-government within the federalist system created by the Constitution of 1824."
"Southern bankers...let Austin and the other agents know, however, that they might be interested if - and only if, Texians declared their complete separation from Mexico."
"The Republic of Texas was an ephemeral empire. Like the spring bluebonnets, it bloomed, blossomed, and blanched with the sands of time. But also like the state flower, its scent lingers in the hearts and imaginations of every Texan."

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