Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Thoughts on Eternity by Kempster

The seasons passing quickly by,
Remind me I must shortly die;
How soon I cannot tell!
It may be weeks, or months, or years,
But O the thought brings many fears,
With me will it go well?
I think of those who die in sin,
Who never knew a change within.
But rebels lived and died;
For where God has not changed the heart
The word can only be, “Depart.
With Satan’s host abide.”
And some die dreaming all is well,
Because they can of good works tell;
But ‘twill be all in vain.
Many will seek to enter in,
But none can life eternal win,
If never born again!
And who are they? The Lord’s elect,
Not one of these will He reject.
For each was bought with blood.
All are included in that plan,
Which God worked out e’er time began.
Jesus as Surety stood!
These happy souls are called “The Bride”
And they in glory shall abide
Forever with the Lord.
There they shall reign with Christ their king.
And of His lovingkindness sing.
His faithfulness record.
But ah, how stands the case with me?
Shall I those mansions ever see,
And dwell with saints above?
Dear Lord, do grant it may be so,
For where they are, I want to go,
And bask with them in love.
Thus while I journey here below,
May I be more concerned to know,
How matters stand with me.
Let me not cold and careless grow,
Nor rest contented till I know
That I shall dwell with Thee.
Grace Kempster – October 1930

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