Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Jasper Barnes and The Sacred Harp

A tentative look at Jasper Barnes, First Vice-Chairman of The Sacred Harp, Fifth Edition revision committee:

Barnes, Jasper, served as the First Vice-Chairman of the revision committees that produced two versions of The Sacred Harp, Fifth Edition, and The Sacred Harp, Fourth Edition with Supplement. This is probably Jasper Ebenezer Barnes, who was the son of John and Catherine Barnes. He was born January 5, 1838 in Coffee County, Alabama. He married first Penelope Ann Miller (1840–1888) around 1860, and they had several children. After her death he married Sarah B. Sanders (1842–1924) circa 1890. He served the Confederacy during the Civil War, enlisting as a corporal in Company B, Alabama Hilliard's 4th Infantry Battalion. He was a farmer by occupation. Jasper Barnes died Oct in 27, 1924 Houston County. He and his wives are buried at the Clark Cemetery at Dothan in Houston County, Alabama. This Vice-Chairman, though, could possibly have been Jasper E. Barnes (1864–1916),[i] a son of Jasper Ebenezer Barnes. This Jasper Barnes married Callie Smith in 1886. In 1912 he was serving as a board director at the First National Bank of Dothan. He and his wife are buried at the Dothan City Cemetery in Houston County, Alabama. A third Jasper Ebenezer Barnes (1895–1972) in this family was the grandson of the first and nephew of the second, and would have been too young to have served on the committee with J. L. White. Two discovered items that connect Jasper Barnes of Dothan to Sacred Harp could only refer to the elder Barnes.[ii] This does not prove, however, that the son was not connected to Sacred Harp singing.

The Dothan Eagle, Dothan, Alabama, Friday, March 1, 1912 - Page 4
“Sacred Harp Sing,” The Dothan Eagle, Dothan, Alabama, Tuesday, June 13, 1944 - Page 2
The Musical Courier, Volume 85, No. 2, (New York, Whole No. 2205) July 13, 1922, p. 36
U.S. Federal Censuses 1860-1870 Dale County, 1880 Geneva County, 1900 Geneva County, 1910 Houston County, 1920 Houston County

[i] Genealogists disagree whether the son’s middle name was Ebenezer or Emanuel.
[ii] “Dothan, Ala.—The Sacred Harp Singers met here on June 4 for their regular monthly singing. The singers were called to order by E. O. Spivey (chairman). W. C. Tidwell, Jasper Barnes, Joel Tew, J. F. Patterson, John Woodham and R. S. Scarborough taking part. After the intermission, F. G. Barber, Ed Howell, John Edmonson, B. P. Poyner, O. G. Tidwell and James Helms sang.” (The Musical Courier, Volume 85, No. 2, New York, Whole No. 2205, July 13, 1922, p. 36) The son was deceased at the time, so this person could only be the elder Barnes or his grandson. “SACRED HARP SING. The public is invited to attend the annual Sacred Harp sing given in honor of Jasper Barnes at the home of his son, John Barnes, of Dothan route one, Sunday, June 18.” (The Dothan Eagle, Dothan, Alabama, Tuesday, June 13, 1944 - Page 2). Only the elder Jasper Barnes had a son named John.

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