Thursday, August 14, 2014

Use of church facilities

* Family says Tampa church canceled funeral because son was gay -- "The family asked for Evans' funeral to be held at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Tampa...T.W. Jenkins, pastor at New Hope was not aware that Evans had a husband or was gay until members of his congregation saw the obit and called to complain. They did not think it was right to have the funeral at their church."

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church is taking an online beating. On August 1st this church canceled a man's funeral service that was to be held at their building the next day. Without a doubt it is hard on a grieving family to suddenly find out they must find a new venue for their memorial service. New Hope has been painted as not only homophobic, but also heartless. Surely they erred in not getting all the facts before agreeing to host the funeral. But do those who asked them to allow it share no blame? It never entered anyone's mind to not ask that the funeral be held in the auditorium of a church that believes homosexuality and homosexual marriage are sinful?

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