Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Links from here to there

The posting of links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites linked, and not necessarily even agreement with the specific posts linked.

* A simple timeline of the book of Acts
* 9 Reasons Why You’re a Mosquito Magnet -- "...scientists are on the hunt to discover what makes certain people especially attractive to the tiny insects. Here are nine reasons they’ve come up with so far."
* Former IRS Official Lois Lerner Called Republicans ‘Crazies’ -- "House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp released new emails from former IRS official Lois Lerner as part of investigation examining potential criminal wrongdoing."
* Man Does Not Live by Cars Alone -- "When the social ties are loosened, material wealth becomes the main standard of well being."
* Moving In and Moving On -- "As cohabitation has grown more common, cohabiting couples have become less likely to transition into marriage."
* Pope Francis Apologizes for Persecution of Pentecostals -- "...Francis apologized for the persecution suffered by Pentecostals under Italy’s fascist regime in the 1920s and 1930s and urged Christians to celebrate their diversity and unity...Since his election last year, the pope has been reaching out to other faiths and has held talks with Protestant, Jewish and Muslim leaders."
* The Letters That Warren G. Harding’s Family Didn’t Want You to See -- "The details of the Harding-Phillips affair remained largely hidden from public view until 2009, when Jim Robenalt, an Ohio lawyer, published 'The Harding Affair: Love and Espionage During the Great War.'"
* What progressives fundamentally don't get about traditional Christians -- "Progressives working towards greater public acceptance and support of LGBT rights would no doubt like to see Christians with traditionalist views abandon their old-fashioned doctrines on these matters. Or just go away. Neither will happen."
* The Importance of Eating Together -- "Family dinners build relationships, and help kids do better in school."
* Wikipedia’s Edit Wars — and the 8 Religious Pages People Can’t Stop Editing -- "On Wikipedia, the collaborative Internet encyclopedia, articles on religion become a point of serious contention."
* Would marriage for gays be a newly created right, or recognition of an old right? -- "But yet to be decided, at least for gays and lesbians, is this: just what is the nature of that fundamental right? Is it a sweeping right to choose one’s life mate without interference by government? Or is it a right that is fundamental only because it has deep roots in the traditional definition of one-man, one-woman marriage?"

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