Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Today's quotes

"When unscrupulous men are presented with disagreeable truths that they cannot deny, scriptural truths that they cannot overthrow, or scriptural conclusions they cannot resist, they will often attempt to discredit the speaker of truth in an attempt to influence public opinion away from a rational investigation or consideration of those truths presented." -- Vince Hardy

"It’s none of our business to tell another government what form of government they should have." -- (Then Senator) Warren G. Harding

"The gospel of Christ is not just something you believe in once and then move on with your life. No, the gospel of Christ IS the way of life." -- Dave Miller

"The loss of a child is always unnatural." -- James White (at least it seems so, though the fact of our sin nature testifies otherwise)

"When moved by a right spirit, the Truth is always spoken and received in the love of it; for it is only then that the heart of the Lord’s servants is found inditing a good matter." -- Jeremiah Taylor Moore

"Sometimes you make changes. Sometimes changes make you." -- Unknown

"Gamaliel believed in God and had enough confidence in God to leave God's work to God (Acts 5:34-38). To think that you must vanquish through your efforts alone is an atheistic idea." -- Bart Barber

Dwight McKissic relates that his mother often said, “Make sure that you don’t hand the devil the stick to hit you with, because he will sure use it.”

"For those trying to hold to the standards given to us by Christ and His apostles, it's becoming a harder and lonelier road for them to walk." -- David K. Mattingly

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