Saturday, August 30, 2014

Recommending Instant Publisher

I have used a printing/publishing company called InstantPublisher for 8 printing projects since 2005. They have done very good printing work, at a fair price and with a fast turnaround. One thing that prompted me to put up this post is that I noticed one person who had a bad experience with Instant Publisher posting complaints around the internet. I don't doubt that this customer (of course it could even be a competitor!) had a legitimate complaint (although even his complaint indicates that InstantPublisher tried to make things right as best they could). Nobody's perfect! One of his main complaints was not getting the books printed fast enough. Instant Publisher does advertise that they came have books printed and shipped in as few as 5 to 7 business days. But the customer must understand that this is best case scenario. How many books you order and how busy they are at the time you order all factor into the equation. I noticed that over the course of nearly ten years I had an order shipped in 4 days, while another took 17 days -- not business days and including the Christmas & New Year's holidays. I find that my orders averaged 10 days from placement to shipment. I think that's a pretty good record. I highly recommend Instant Publisher for folks who want good quality, good pricing and fast turnaround.

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Anonymous said...

OK, I'm going to go with IP on your recommendation! There are so many of these outfits and, [online, at least], nobody's ever had a good experience with any of them!! Hard to imagine. So the word of a Baptist gets IP a customer.