Sunday, June 01, 2014

Sandy Valley and a preacher eating peanuts

Deacon Drew Drewery had to put his elderly mother in the nursing home. Last week her pastor Nebbish Peacock paid her a visit. When he got there, the dear old Sister was sleeping. Reverend Peacock had driven all the way up to Hayden Bluff and didn't want to make a return trip again too soon. He decided she might not sleep too long, so he sat in a chair in her room to wait. While he was waiting he thumbed through some magazines that were on a table. He noticed some peanuts sitting in a bowl next to them. As he waited and read, he chomped on the peanuts.

When Sister Drewery finally woke up, she and the reverend had a fine visit. As he prepared to go, Nebbish realized that he'd absent-mindedly eaten all of this old Sister's peanuts. He apologized profusely, repeating nervously, "I'm so sorry, I've eaten all of your peanuts!"

"That's okay, reverend," Sister Drewery replied. "After I suck off the chocolate, I don't want them anymore. I can't chew the nuts anyway."

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