Tuesday, June 03, 2014

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* 3 weak password strategies—and one that works -- "Passwords are your first line of defense against online predators...To be strong, it should be long, complex and use symbols, letters, and numbers."
* 25 Words That Are Their Own Opposites -- " “Because of the agency’s oversight, the corporation’s behavior was sanctioned.” Does that mean...?"
* A drag queen was behind USPS Harvey Milk stamp -- "Honoring predator Harvey Milk on a U.S. postage stamp is disturbing to say the least. Harvey Milk was a very disreputable man and used his charm and power to prey on young boys with emotional problems and drug addiction."
* Atheists lose latest legal fight over ‘In God We Trust’ -- "Atheists lost their case against the “In God We Trust” motto on the nation’s currency Wednesday (May 28)."
* Beards, Beer and Baptists -- "A Charleston Southern University associate professor was fired on Friday after his likeness appeared on a beer can...Roof had his picture taken at the 2013 Beard and Moustache National Championships by photographer Greg Anderson. Holy City Brewing went on to use that picture on their Chucktown Follicle Brown Ale cans. Roof says Holy City Brewing never attempted to contact him."
* Bowe Bergdahl No Hero To Fellow Soldiers -- "Some veterans and soldiers are calling him a deserter."
* Five Reasons Why Most Southern Baptist Churches Baptize Almost No Millennials -- "...according to a recent report by a special task force of pastors, the baptism drought in America's largest evangelical denomination—which counts 15.7 million members and 5.8 million Sunday worshipers—is worst among millennials."
* Fundamentalists Protest Harvey Milk Stamp, Accuse LGBT Activist of Pedophilia -- "The stamp was unveiled on Wednesday at a White House ceremony a week after Harvey Milk Day."
* How Obama needlessly bungled the case of Bowe Bergdahl -- "Among other errors and deceptions, the administration played up the service of a soldier who has been accused of desertion."
* How to Find Out if Any of Your Ancestors Were Famous – or Infamous -- "...most people who set out to research their roots find the experience interesting, exciting, and hugely rewarding. Chances are, there are many remarkable characters—both heroes and villains—in your family line."
* Middle School Teacher Suspended For Showing Video About White Actors Wearing Blackface -- "History is history. We need to educate our kids to see how far we’ve come in America. How is that racism?"
* The Least Popular Books of the Bible -- "The 10 least-read books of the Bible on"
* Why Lighter-Hued Butterflies and Dragonflies Are Faring Better Than Their Darker Counterparts -- "The lighter-colored butterflies...fare better in the heat than their darker peers, whose coloring absorbs more sunlight. Lighter-colored insects can deflect light to avoid overheating."

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