Saturday, June 28, 2014

When Adam was created

When Adam was created, he dwelt in Eden's shade,
As Moses has related, before a bride was made,
Ten thousand time ten thousand of creatures swarmed around,
Before a bride was form├ęd, or any mate was found.
He had no consolation, but seemed as one alone,
Till, to his admiration, he found he'd lost a bone,
This woman was not taken from Adam's head, we know;
And she must not rule over him, 'tis evidently so.
This woman was not taken from Adam's feet, we see;
And she must not be abused, the meaning seems to be.
This woman she was taken from under Adam's arm;
And she must be protected from injury and harm.
This woman she was taken from near to Adam's heart,
By which we are directed that they should never part.
To you, most loving bridegroom, to you most loving bride,
Be sure you live a Christian and for your house provide.
Avoiding all discontent, don't sow the seed of strife,
As is the solemn duty of every man and wife.

Author unknown (to me at least); Used with the tune EDMONDS by Elder Edmund Dumas in The Sacred Harp.

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