Tuesday, May 07, 2013

7 more books along the Bible version trail

Archaic Words and the Authorized Version, Laurence M. Vance (December 30, 1999) ISBN: 0962889865
How to Choose a Translation for All Its Worth: A Guide to Understanding and Using Bible Versions,
 Gordon D. Fee and Mark L. Strauss (2007) ISBN: 0310278767
Perspectives on the Ending of Mark: Four Views, David Alan Black, Editor (November 1, 2008) ISBN: 0805447628
The Book and the Parchments, F. F. Bruce (1963) ISBN: 0720800706
The Byzantine text-type and New Testament textual criticism, Harry A. Sturz (1984) ISBN: 0840749589
The Greek New Testament According to the Majority Text with Apparatus: Second Edition, Zane Hodges & Arthur L. Farstad, 2nd edition (January 1, 1985) ISBN: 0840749635
The NIV Reconsidered: A Fresh Look at a Popular Translation, Zane Hodges & Earl Radmacher(March 1, 1990) ISBN: 0960757694


Chris Poe said...

Thanks for this series of posts. I always find your posts to be of interest.

Some additional titles from varying perspectives to choose from include:

Leland Ryken, "The Legacy of the King James Bible: Celebrating 400 Years of the Most Influential English Translation"

Robert P. Martin, "Accuracy of Translation and the New International Version"

Gordon H. Clark, "Logical Criticisms of Textual Criticism."

Vern Poythress and Wayne Grudem, "The Gender-Neutral Bible Controversy" (This should be available online at CBMW and was later revised. It probably needs to be revised again in light of the NIV 2011.)

Wilbur Pickering, "The Identity of the New Testament Text."

R. L. Vaughn said...


Thanks so much for adding these five titles to the list of interesting reads on the topic of the Bible and Bible translations. I have a number of Clark's book and am surprised I don't already have "Logical Criticisms of Textual Criticism"! I did find that "The Gender-Neutral Bible Controversy" is available for download on CBMW. The enter book can be downloaded as a PDF for personal use HERE. (Thanks for pointing that out.)