Saturday, May 25, 2013

7 Quotes from the web

"The Bible speaks to us in many ways, and the sermon needs to be shaped by the text that is doing the speaking." -- Nathan A. Finn

“Many churches, perhaps unwittingly, subtly propagate the myth that pastors and missionaries matter more, or are intrinsically holier, than carpenters, call center workers, or entrepreneurs. The church may employ pastors and send missionaries, but the silent majority of kingdom work is done by those of diverse callings in the marketplace. Pastors should find ways to disciple members for the variety of vocations represented in the congregation, and not just those in so-called 'Christian ministry'.” -- Lukas Naugle in 7 Things Pastors Should Teach Those in the Marketplace

"The wise general does not fight every battle. He carefully calculates which battles are worth fighting to accomplish his ultimate cause. He has the wisdom to walk away from the skirmishes that may cost much without really contributing to his primary mission. The wisdom of this principle is affirmed by the teaching of our Savior himself (Luke 14:31) who urged kings to count the cost before they go to war." -- Charles L. Quarles

"Baptists declared their victory in the battle for the Bible prematurely...Real victory in the battle for the Bible will come only when Baptist pastors faithfully expound God’s word every Lord’s day and when Baptist church members diligently study the Scriptures as an act of personal devotion." -- Charles L. Quarles

“Many Christians are like a bad photo—overexposed and underdeveloped.” -- Howard G. Hendricks

"We do not support the erroneous idea that God has done all He can, and is now standing idly by to see what sovereign sinners are going to do with an impotent, pathetic Jesus. No! God saves sinners -- salvation is of the Lord." -- Ernest C. Reisinger, as quoted in a Baptist Press article written by Keith Hinson, 02/08/1995

“When you’re busy hating everybody, and denouncing everybody, and seeking political solutions to everything, it’s very difficult to evangelize. Isn’t it? Very hard to be compassionate, to look on the crowds as though they’re sheep without a shepherd, very hard to look on them like that when they’re taking away 'my heritage'.” -- D. A. Carson

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