Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The "One-Woman Man" - Who is He? 7 Questions

In discussions in the past, I have heard people call attention to the fact that the words translated "the husband of one wife" in I Timothy 3:2 (Gr. mias gunaikos andra) should rather be translated one-woman man. I hear this mostly used negatively, as: it means "one-woman man"; it doesn't mean that a pastor can never be divorced. I have not heard a lot of positive identification as to exactly who this man is. This question, "the one-woman man - who is he", is directed to those of you who believe that "one-woman man" is the correct translation and interpretation of mias gunaikos andra.

1. Is a single man who is faithful in his abstinence a "one-woman man"?
2. Is a divorced and remarried man who is presently faithful to his current wife a "one-woman man"?
3. Is a man who has been married and divorced seven times but is presently sincerely faithful to his current wife a "one-woman man"?
4. Is a man who has had affairs but is presently faithful to his wife a "one-woman man"?
5. Is a man who commits adultery in his heart a "one-woman man"?
6. Is a man who has been married only once a "one-woman man"?
7. Would consistency require that I Timothy 5:9 be translated "one-man woman"?

I would be interested in direct answers to these questions, but they are put here also as food for thought and to give you an idea of what I am asking. Perhaps there are other answers to questions I failed to ask. I hope someone will put some meat on the bare bones phrase "one-woman man". Thanks in advance for your responses.

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