Friday, May 31, 2013

Are there clumsy squirrels?

As I walked out my front door Sunday afternoon, I heard a thunderous thud (at least as thunderous a thud as a two-pound critter can make). I looked to see a squirrel had just fallen some 10 or 12 feet out of an oak tree and landed hard on the ground. It sounded like it hurt! Unfazed, sir sciurus rufous scurried as fast as he could -- not to the next tree, but across the yard and down the road until I could no longer see him. I wonder if he was embarrassed and hoped no one noticed, or if he was suddenly afraid of heights? I know we people can be clumsy and awkward, but I've never thought about those traits in a squirrel. Quite a liability if you spend most of your life up a tree!

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