Wednesday, August 06, 2008

You pay that much per gallon?

Although gas prices have dropped slightly here, a chronic complaint is the price per gallon -- right now averaging about $3.75 for regular.

But what about $8.26 per gallon? Yes, that's right! If you buy an average bottle of water in a mini-mart, you pay around $1.29 for 20 fluid ounces. At 20 fl. oz. it takes 6.4 of 'em to make a gallon. 6.4 X $1.29 equals $8.26. So the water you buy at the mini-mart is costing over twice as much as the gas you buy there.

At least the water's better for you.


Anonymous said...

Bottled water is the biggest hoax imposed on the western world by France in ages!

By the way, petrol is $125.9 a litre in Canada, and remember, Canada is the largest supplier of gasoline products to the USA..........You think you ar paying. We are being robbed by our own resources.



R. L. Vaughn said...

Sounds like in your case it might be cheaper to run them on water!!