Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Ancient Baptist Journal

Ben Stratton sent me the following on a new quarterly journal:

"The Ancient Baptist Journal is a quarterly publication established for the sole purpose of promoting Baptist principles and biblical preaching. You can learn more by going to their website at: This journal was recently established by number of Baptist pastors interested in seeing a revival of historic Baptist ecclesiology. For $30 you can subscribe to the Ancient Baptist Journal and receive four different issues. I highly recommend it to any concerned Baptist. The first issue is 139 pages in a very profession looking paperback format. The index to the premier Summer 2008, Volume 1, Issue 1 is below:

1. What Is An Ancient Baptist? by Dolton W. Robertson II.
2. Unequally Yoked: The Marriage of Baptist History to German Higher Criticism by James A. Alter
3. Exploring Baptist History by Jeff Faggart.
4. The Dr. John Clarke Memorial by the Baptist History Preservation Society.
5. Obligations of Baptists to Teach Their Principles by J.B. Gambrell
6. A Baptist Church Radically Different From Pedo-Baptist Churches by J.L.M. Curry.
7. Obligations of Baptists to Teach Their Principles by Jeremiah Jeter
8. Howard Sears and the Hand of Providence by A. Scott Miller
9. Baptist Book Review: Distinctive Principles of Baptists by J.M. Pendleton, by James A. Alter
10. Baptist Book Review: A History of the Baptists by John T. Christian, by Dolton W. Robertson II."

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