Thursday, August 14, 2008

An old debate

The McPherson-Bogard Debate on "Miraculous Divine Healing" has been made available to a new generation by David Padfield, evangelist for the Church of Christ in Zion, Illinois. Bogard, a Baptist, and McPherson, of the Foursquare Gospel Church, debated in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 22, 1934.

Padfield writes, "Out of all the debate books I own the McPherson-Bogard Debate is one of my favorites. Ben Bogard was the greatest debater the Baptist church has ever produced. Bogard debated many of my brethren and always proved himself to be an honorable and worthy opponent. Baptist preachers of our day lack the conviction their brethren had in days gone by. Aimee Semple McPherson was the founder of the Foursquare Gospel Church."

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