Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The beliefs of others: Friends

"The ruling principle of Quakerism is the universal inner light. It is also called the seed, the Word of God, the gift of God, the indwelling Christ. This is not to be confounded with reason or conscience, or any natural faculty of man. It is supernatural and divine in its origin; it is a direct illumination of the mind and heart by the Spirit of God for the purpose of salvation. It is the light of the Logos, which shines 'in darkness' and 'lighteth every man that cometh into the world,' It is Christ himself dwelling in man as the fountain of life, light, and salvation. It is the primary source of all religious truth and knowledge. It opens the sense of spiritual mysteries; it convinces and converts; it gives victory over sin, and brings joy and peace. It is communicated to men without distinction of race or religion or education, not indeed in the same measure, but in a degree sufficient to save them if they obey it, and to condemn them if they reject it." -- The Creeds of Christendom: With a History and Critical Notes - by Philip Schaff, 1919, p. 868

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