Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The cornerstone rejected

The Stone which the builders rejected, being an imaginary meeting of builders to discuss selecting a cornerstone.

When on one night the builders bright, met in consultation;
And then upon the cornerstone, turned the conversation.

Said one, "We need to find with speed a secure foundation,
On which we might provide the site for our fabrication.

Another strode from his abode, to the congregation.
Said he, "We must, upon this dust, build with conservation."

One man implored, "We can't afford, in our situation,
To use the best on which to rest our configuration."

And so they chose, as need arose, poorer conformation.
Their building built began to tilt -- a true abomination.

Upon this ground it will be found, upon examination,
How low it lies, it did not rise to its expectation.

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