Monday, July 28, 2008

Poor and blind and lame I am

1 – In darkness born, I went astray
And wandered from the gospel way;
And since the Savior gave me sight,
I cannot see without His light.

2 – So poor, and blind, and lame I am,
My all is bound up in the Lamb;
And blessed am I when I can see
My spirit’s inmost poverty.

3 – I cannot walk without His might,
I cannot see without His light;
I can have no access to God,
But through the merits of His blood.

4 - It makes me feel my ruined state,
It lays my soul at mercy's gate;
And Jesus smiles at such a guest;
And cheers him with a heavenly feast."

--John Berridge - 748 in Gadsby's Hymns

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