Saturday, July 26, 2008

Junior moments

These little "ditties" were written in May of my junior year in high school -- 1975 (and were never intended to be sung). I don't remember the circumstances exactly, but they were associated with some class assignment. I have saved them all these years and I pass them along here for some unknown reason.

The boat rotted
as it waited
to be boarded.

Toil and fun
Toil is tedious
Flavored with fun.
Fun is frivolous
Work well done.

Wondering, wandering
The world is wondering
what will be done.
Our wisdom's wandering
down in the dung.

To which I added in 1988:
The "church" is clamoring
cancel the cross
Let's do some counseling
at any cost.

And sometime:
Is there help? Is there hope?
What will be done?
Yes, there's help. Yes, there's hope.
God's only Son.

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