Saturday, July 12, 2008

Creation ex nihilo

"Creation ex nihilo, out of nothing, implies two things. First, there was no antecedent power to stimulate God; there was no one to suggest plans to God, or to suggest alterations to the plans God had; still less could anyone defeat God's purposes. God was alone. He could do as he pleased.

"In the second place, after God created something, the thing had no authority to complain, Why have you made me thus? A wren has no right to complain that it is not an elephant. God had decided to create a world, and a world by definition includes differences. The different things had no right to hold God responsible for the qualities they have or the qualities they lack. god is responsible to no one. He distributed wings, legs, horns, and minds just as it suited him." Gordon Clark, Predestination, p. 111

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