Sunday, December 31, 2006

Shadows for Son

"If there is to be a futurist end-time 'millennial' restoration of a temple economy with priests, Levites, etc., the plan of salvation inexplicably goes retrograde. What was finished ("It is finished", Jn 19:30) becomes undone, the temple veil is sewn up again, and another foundation is laid other than that which is laid." -- Stephen Conte, pb-mb listserve, 19 Dec 2006

The true Messiah now appears,
The types are all withdrawn;
So fly the shadows and the stars
Before the rising dawn.

No smoking sweets, nor bleeding lambs,
Nor kid nor bullock slain;
Incense and spice of costly names
Would all be burnt in vain.

Aaron must lay his robes away,
His miter and his vest,
When God Himself comes down to be
The offering and the priest.

-- Isaac Watts, Hymns and Spiritual Songs

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