Friday, December 15, 2006

Humility and the Word

"We all claim that we want the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of Christ, yet we must be aware that there can be sinister forces at work in each of us that keep us, in varying degrees, from discerning the Lord's mind. Even those with the sincerest motives can come to errant conclusions based on limited perspectives and incomplete information. These realities drive us again to see the importance of humility as we deal with the Word together with our brothers and sisters. A humble person is truly open to learn, ready to listen to the possible insight of others, and willing to modify his position if the evidence warrants it." Jon Zens, p. 101, Ekklesia: to the Roots of Biblical Church Life, New Testament Restoration Foundation

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clinch64 said...

It makes you wonder how many of these big name evangelists would be willing to do this.