Sunday, December 24, 2006

Thank you, readers

A couple of years ago, I had no idea of what a blog even was! December 24th, 2006 marks the completion of one year of blogging. In one year I have had 5656 visits* to this site (as of 2:29 p.m. December 24; actually slightly less than a year since I haven't had a counter the full year). I'm sure that isn't many for well known, famous and infamous folk, but that seems like a lot to a country boy who has lived all his years in one Texas county. We've had visitors from as near as "right here" and as far away as Canada, Portugal, and Spain (to name a few). Thank you, readers; and thank you, Lord.

* Note: this only represents the number of visits, not the number of visitors; as some visitors come back to the site on a regular basis.
BTW, I am told "blog" stands for "web (as in world wide web) log"


Anonymous said...

Robert, thank you for having this blog and letting us take part.

I have enjoyed both reading and making some small contribution. I have even been corrected, gracefully, which us old men need sometimes...foggy memories, you know.

Cheers, and God bless. Keep up the good work. The site is Christ honouring.


amity said...

Robert, it has been a pleasure, and thanks for having this for us. It has been an interesting year on Ministry and Music. And I got to "meet" some new people, too.

R. L. Vaughn said...

jim and amity, thanks for your kind remarks. I hope you'll both keep coming back for another year of blogging (d.v.).