Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sing aloud

Psalm 81:1 - Sing aloud unto God our strength: make a joyful noise unto the God of Jacob.

We have all been there. At the local school play or a church program where the children are all brought out on stage, lined up so perfectly, dressed up so appropriately and then they are asked to sing. Occasionally you will get the child prodigy that can actually carry a tune. But most often you have three groups of children. The ones that looks dazed at the fact there are so many people looking at them. They have that sort of deer caught in the headlights look on their face. Sometimes they mumble a word or two, but usually its nothing. Then there are the ones that are trying. They don’t sing loud or soft or even on key for that matter. But they are participating. But most often there is one or two that sing as loud as they possibly can, almost to the point of screaming the words. You can’t shake them with laughter. You can’t even embarrass them by pointing. They are going to sing no matter what. Why? They want to. And if they are singing a song about loving mom, dad or grandparents it even brings a sentimental tear to an eye here and there. And you know what, I have never seen one parent actually die from embarrassment or get up and leave the room. No matter what that child did, that was their child and they loved them. Our verse today says sing aloud; make a joyful noise unto God. Our heavenly Father does not care about the quality of our voice. He cares about the content of our heart. So SING!!! -- by Franklin Senters, Living in His Word devotions October 3, 2006

Saw the above and thought it somewhat humourous and probably true.

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amity said...

Amen! Mr. Senters "gets it."