Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sexual sin, by Franklin Senters

Proverbs 7:34 - Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.

“Human Sexuality” a term used today to make sexual sin sound more sophisticated. It sounds more scientific than calling it what it is. Adultery is still adultery. Living together outsides the bond of marriage is still sin in God’s eyes. Homosexual acts are called an abomination to God in the Bible. A teenager engaging in sex with adults is pedophilia. Any child engaging in what God reserved for adults in marriage should outrage us. But, it really doesn’t. Instead we are told they’re expressing their “Human Sexuality.” That is another way for society to hide the truth. The truth is they are expressing their “Human Sinfulness.” God so much wanted to warn us about sexual sin that He listed it as part of the Ten Commandments. All of chapter seven in Proverbs warns of the snares of immoral behavior. Sexual sin is addictive, progressive, and destructive. It can destroy a person through destructive relationships, diseases, and addictions that will develop and demolish you. It causes mental anguish and shame. The ways of illicit sexual relations and addictions are as destructive as any other addictive device. “Her house is the way of hell.” Hell here on earth as you struggle to be free from the hold it will have on you and eternal hell if you never give your life over to Christ.

Living in His Word, by Franklin Senters


amity said...

I agree with him 101% on every point except for the Arminianism implicit in the last sentence, and this:

"A teenager engaging in sex with adults is pedophilia."

I do not see this taught in the Bible, and in fact the scriptural example seems to be marriage at a very young age. I have some reservations about the ideal of postponing marriage in order to complete education, even up to the post-graduate level, and establishing a career before getting married, expecting young people to remain celibate during that time in life when the temptations are overwhelming. It seems to be putting worldly concerns above all else, and basically going against scriptural example and the way God has designed our bodies.

Now this will likely fall on deaf ears. Everyone wants their children to get as much education as possible so that they can have a "better life" (read: make more money?) and believes that their offspring can overcome biology.
End of rant.

R. L. Vaughn said...

That seems reasonable to me, if you are talking about a married teenager engaging in sex with an adult to whom that teenager is married (which in context I assume you do). The Bible seems to prescribe no exact age for marriage, and this has occurred at somewhat varying ages in different times and cultures. Postponing marriage or not getting married at all can vary with individuals as God grants the ability, but to set up an ideal that it is better to wait on marriage and wait on children is contrary to Biblical principles. "Marriage is honourable in all" and "children are an heritage of the Lord". On the heels of this I would add that our society, contrary to the Bible, seems to be generally "antagonistic" toward having large families. See Psalm 127:3,4.

I don't what know exactly what Bro. Senters had in mind. I would assume he meant the predatory sexual behaviour of adults toward children, but he may oppose even marrying below a certain age. I don't know. As for his arminianism in the last sentence, he is arminian in theology. But I chose to just quote what he wrote and not edit his paragraph.

amity said...

Yes, wouldn't be right to edit, of course. I just didn't want to say "I agree with everything" and not exempt the Arminianism!

I think if the issue was teenagers having sex in any form, he would have disapproved stating they should wait "until they are ready for marriage." On what else would he base his denunciation of teenagers having sex with adults? Surely this would be acceptable if married, so he means to condemn extramarital sex, and is implicitly assuming no marriage for teenagers.

Yes, in the Bible marriage partners might much older.

I realize the custom on marriage age varies from time to time and place to place, but historically societies that postpone marriage can realistically expect extramarital sex to become the norm.

Anonymous said...

What a person is thinking about while having relations with their spouse is just as serious a matter as the "acts" one points out as abominations to God. Jesus, among many other things of course, exposed the presence of wickedness in the mind, though the body seemed involved in "righteous" acts only. A lot of abominations can be present in the mind of a man who by all apperances is "loving" his wife. The battlefield is in the mind.

R. L. Vaughn said...

Amity, I do sometimes edit what I quote from other sources, but I do try to be fair and only edit for length and not content, and, hopefully, not try to make them appear to believe other than they really do. I may or may not agree with everything they say. Sometimes I will point that out and sometimes I won't. I probably should put a disclaimer in somewhere!

amity said...

No, Robert, I didn't mean to criticize your editing skills ;) I just didn't want to quite agree 100% with EVERYTHING, that is all. I am not suggesting you should censor the people you quote by any means.

R. L. Vaughn said...

I didn't take it as criticism. I just wanted to clarify that I do edit, but try not to edit for meaning but rather space.