Thursday, October 12, 2006

Enough hypocrisy to paint the town

Yes, there is enough hyprocrisy to go around in Washington when it comes to the Mark Foley scandal. Now, I doubt not that we are all hyprocrites at some time or another. But some of this is planned hyprocrisy with vision.

The Republican politicians -- we wonder who knew what and when, and how much did they know. But who can believe that nobody knew nothing? According to
Ben Shapiro "Foley repeatedly e-mailed and instant messaged the page, revoltingly asking him to undress, to measure his genitals with a ruler, to list details regarding frequency and method of masturbation, and to tell Foley when he was aroused." A 16 year old young man is obviously not a six year old, but what parents send their sons and daughters into the page program to be accosted by congressmen and congresswomen? Shapiro further states, "House Republicans were not simply negligent in failing to investigate allegations regarding Foley's pedophilia – they were downright malfeasant." Yes, hyprocrisy. Republican politicians seek our votes as the supporters of "Christian values" and stick their collective head in the sand concerning Foley, while Foley is pushing for stronger legislation against child pornography and chasing teenage boys.

So along come the Democrats and claim the moral high ground (if it'll get 'em a few votes). But who can believe the feigned moral outrage of the Democratic policitians? Give me a break -- the party of murder by Chappaquidick and oral sex in the White House? Not to mention a homosexual prostitution service run out of Barney Frank's apartment and Gerry Studds not just e-mailing but actually having sex with a male page. I can't believe they have any greater concern that getting back in power in Congress.

Politicians! Bah humbug! We should turn out the whole lot of 'em.

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clinch64 said...

Politics anymore is all about pandering to this or that group for the most support. It makes it all the more sinister when the name of God and religion is used to accomplish this.