Wednesday, March 24, 2021

A False Kind Of Unity, and other links

The posting of links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites linked, and not necessarily even agreement with the specific posts linked.
  • A False Kind of “Unity” Sought by a Typical Evangelical -- “Diversity is when you have different genders, ethnicities, gifts, abilities, and socio-economic levels. They work together, but the togetherness is the doctrine and practice based on the truth of scripture.”
  • A Slew of Blue -- “You don’t have to speak Latin or be a horticulturist to fully appreciate Texas bluebonnets, which aren’t even always blue anymore.”
  • Altar Call Evangelism -- “The altar call too easily confuses the physical act of ‘coming forward’ (walking an aisle) with the spiritual act of “coming to Christ” (repentance and belief).”
  • Flower Power -- “Nature’s palette captivates Texans every spring. Sapphire blue, lemony yellow, crimson red, golden orange, lavender purple and ivory white.”
  • Focus on Texas: Diners -- “The grub is good and the charm couldn’t be finer at these stops around the state.”
  • Our Mayflower Bible, by John B. Thomas III -- “My final sally captured the prize–certainty as to whether or not this Bible had actually come over on the Mayflower–although not at all in the way that I thought it would.”
  • Tacos -- “We turn to Austin food advocate and community coordinator Héctor González, who has been sharing his recipes since moving from Mexico.”
  • The “Altar Call” Is it helpful or harmful? -- “The altar call is for a man to physically move from one point to another. The gospel call is for a man to flee to Christ.”
  • The Eyes of Texas History Committee Report -- “The surviving contemporary accounts don’t allow a direct, definitive answer. Neither the printed program for the show nor reviews afterward identified cast members as specifically wearing blackface or not. No photographs from the show have been found.”
  • The Media Got It Wrong: Police Captain Didn’t Say the Atlanta Spa Killer Was Having a ‘Bad Day’ -- “The full video (the relevant section starts at about 13:50) makes clear that Baker was not providing his own commentary, but rather summarizing what Long had told the investigators.”
  • The Misleading Narrative about Anti-Asian Racism, by Pradheep J. Shanker -- “The Left deceptively uses data and ignores its own actions in an attempt to incite a politically useful panic.”
  • There Is No Such Thing as “White” Math -- “In my position as a professor of mathematics at Princeton, I have witnessed the decline of universities and cultural institutions as they have embraced political ideology at the expense of rigorous scholarship.”
  • Warfield’s Redefinition of Inspiration -- “He erred, however, in adopting a false choice — a simple error in logic, which is rather surprising in a scholar of his ability.”
  • Where Artistry Congregates -- “I started my own churchgoing road trip with an apricot kolach because that’s what you do when visiting Texas Czech country.”
  • Woke educators release letter declaring objective math a form of ‘white supremacy’ -- “Attempts to ‘deconstruct’ mathematics, deny its objectivity, accuse it of racial bias, and infuse it with political ideology have become more and more common — perhaps, even, at your child’s elementary school.”

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