Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Canon of Holy Scripture

Some excerpts from The Canon of Holy Scripture: With Remarks Upon King James’s Version, the Latin Vulgate and Douay Bible, by Matthew Henry Henderson (New York, NY: Pott and Amery, 1868, originally published in 1853).

In his “Preface” introducing the second printing, the author says “the subject is one that can never grow old, and one which assumes the gravest importance as Romanism increases in strength in our country, and as it is its purpose, whenever and wherever possible, to crush out of existence the pure word of God which is contained in the English Bible.”

Speaking of the Greek New Testament, Hebrew Old Testament (and even the Greek Old Testament), Henderson writes, “All these have been providentially preserved.” (p. 14)

“The authorized translation is commonly called King James’s Bible, because revised and printed in his thoroughly correct was this version found to be, and into such universal esteem did it come soon after its publication, that all others gradually fell into disuse.” (p. 22)

“True, it has its faults; but most unquestionably, it approaches as near to perfection as human infirmity will permit. In every fact and doctrine, in spirit and in letter, I believe it to be, from some personal acquaintance with the originals, a full and faithful copy and transcript thereof.” (p. 23)

“We believe therefore and are sure,—with a conviction in which no element of moral certainty is wanting,—that our authorized English version is a full and correct copy of the Revelation of God’s most holy will, even of those Scriptures which, “given by inspiration of God,” “are able to make us wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.” We believe and are sure, that “the signs which Jesus did” were written even as we have them there, that we “might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing, we might have life through his name.” (p. 56)

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