Saturday, February 27, 2021

Famous remarks, and other quotes

The posting of quotes by human authors does not constitute agreement with either the quotes or their sources. (I try to confirm the sources that I give, but may miss on occasion; please verify if possible.)

“Famous remarks are very seldom quoted correctly.” -- by Simeon Strunsky (whether correctly quoted or not!)

“We have in the Bible a divine revelation and an inspired record of that divine revelation—God’s Word in God’s words.” -- Thomas Lawrence

“Every man is his own doctor of divinity, in the last resort.” -- Robert Louis Stevenson, in An Inland Voyage (1878)

“A man who will not use his freedom to defend his freedom does not deserve his freedom.” -- Carl McIntire

“Our character must be more persuasive than our speech.” -- Charles H. Spurgeon

“Two things that don’t coexist are whining and being grateful.” -- Sam Crabtree

“We live in a graceless society where people would rather silence alternate beliefs than engage in conversation.” -- Bill Mounce

“The benefit of the doubt is to be given to the document itself, not arrogated by the critic to himself.” -- John Warwick Montgomery

“Faith is like gumbo; for it to be authentic, at some point you have to make it your own.” -- Kelly Pigott

“Trust is the coin of the realm.” -- George Shultz

“If you make your living off of your religion, you will eventually either lose your religion of your living.” -- Unknown

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