Saturday, February 06, 2021

Highways and Hedges

The author of the Sacramental Present Truths blog has an interesting series called “Highways and Hedges.” Small “independent” denominational groups have always piqued my interest. An added bonus for several of those in this series is that their history leads back to an “out of the Baptists” beginning. I thought some of the rest of you might also enjoy reading these.

Highways and Hedges - The New Project! -- “Too many people think that all these churches are exactly alike - they are Pentecostals or Holiness, so there is supposed to be some uniform stereotype according to such people. Nothing could be further from the truth...”

Highways and Hedges Project - Part I: The Holiness Baptist Family -- “I discovered that the Holiness Baptist Church in Georgia also has a "correspondent" (this is a uniquely Baptist term meaning that churches can share pulpits, etc.) relationship with two similar Holiness Baptist associations in North and South Carolina.”

Highways and Hedges Part II - Independent Charismatic Sacramental/Liturgical Churches Part One -- “A big part of my research in regard to this project has to do with a movement that I myself am part of - independent Catholic.”

Highways and Hedges Part III - The Charismatic Independent Sacramental/Liturgical Churches Part 2 -- “They are either openly Pentecostal/charismatic in expression, or they are made up of people who possess those convictions. All are doctrinally conservative.”

Highways and Hedges Part 4 - Holiness And Pentecostal Freewill Baptists -- “The five groups I am going to focus on, however, are all small regional fellowships for the most part with small memberships, but they still have a fascinating heritage.”

Highways and Hedges Part 5 - Miscellaneous Pentecostal/Holiness Fellowships -- “It is when you start to dig below the surface into the individual stories of these groups that you get a sense of their real heritage.”

Highways and Hedges Part 6 - The Fundamental and Free Holiness Movements -- “The groups in this article - with the exception of the first - are all interrelated; they all have fellowship with each other, have similar histories and convictions, and the one thing that really binds most of them together is an Oklahoma-based periodical that is published bi-monthly entitled The Holiness Messenger.”

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