Monday, December 28, 2020


Back a couple of years ago, I added a category to the five “standard” ones used when Categorizing “KJV-Only” beliefs. I noticed from a man’s description of his KJV view that a sub-category could be added to King James Preferred. KJV-T – King James by Tradition – recognizes a specific reason that some people prefer the King James Version. It is not that they prefer it above other versions, as a translation, but they prefer to continue to use the King James because it is the Bible they grew up with, what they have used, what they are familiar with, contains the verses they have memorized, and so forth. This is a sort of support of the King James by default.


Ryan said...

I believe the original manuscripts and scriptures were given by "inspiration" but not the ones from there on.

I do not believe in the "re-inspiration" of the King James Bible. I believe The King James Bible is God's perfect Bible in English without any error because it's from the perfect and infallible providential text God promised he would preserve. Inspiration came once in the original manuscripts while perfect and infallible preservation continues in the Hebrew Masoretic, Aramaic and Greek Textus Receptus texts to provide all languages with the chance to translate and have a perfect copy of God's Word. Psalms12:6-7​

God said He would providentially preserve His perfect and infallible Word to each language and tongue. The Hebrew Masoretic Text and Greek Textus Receptus text are his perfect and infallible texts without error that He promised he providentially preserved.

I disagree with those who say the following things..

"that the King James Version is the best English translation of the Bible."


"I prefer the KJV over the others"

1st off It's not a version! I will never refer to the King James Bible as a version. It's the one and only true and infallibl Bible in English! It should not be considered a version.. The word version should be taken off and replaced with Bible.. Never refer to it as a version because it's not. secondly, it's the only true and infallible Word of God in English.. It's not just the best. it shouldn't just be preferred or be thought of as the best.. That sounds like the person has no problems and doesn't believe the others are fallible and with error.. We here lots of Baptist use this term saying "it's the best" or "I prefer" it over the others. This only tells me they don't believe it's God's only perfect and infallible Word without error to the English language.

I believe

It's the only providentially true and infallible Word of God on English without error.

God made his providential perfect and True Word in the Hebrew Masoretic and Greek Textus Receptus text for every language. If the language does not yet have it translated then they need translators to translate it. But until then that language should turn to the KJB or the original greek and hebrew language or some other language that they know they does have it translated from these text into their language. They shouldn't read from one that isn't otherwise they're not reading from or studying from the Word of God.

We need to reject other so called "Bibles"

John 12:48 "He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day."

R. L. Vaughn said...

Ryan, thanks so much for reading and commenting. I appreciate what you have to say and your support for the King James Bible.

However, I do not share your consternation over the word "version." While it may be misused and abused by some, its primary meaning in reference to the Bible is "that which is rendered from another language, a translation from another language." So to say or write King James Version, with understanding, is no different than to say or write King James Translation. Unless we do not believe it is a translation, there is no reason to say it is not either a "translation" or "version." It is a translation or version of the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.