Sunday, December 20, 2020

A Psalm for Sunday Nights

On Sunday morning, I post “A Psalm for Sunday Nights.” Thomas Pestel wrote “A Psalm for Sunday Nights,” and it was published in 1659 in Sermons and Devotions Old and New. Pestel was educated at Queens’ College in Cambridge, graduating in 1609. The author was a chaplain to King Charles I. The title page of his book called him “the meanest amongst his late Majesties Chaplains in ordinary.” Written in Common Meter, in my opinion it would work nicely with Only Trust Him by John Hart Stockton. In this case, just sing the stanzas with the first half of the tune and leave off the chorus.

1. Come ravished souls with high delight;
In sweet immortal verse,
To crown the day, and welcome night;
Jehovah’s praise rehearse.

2. O sing the Glories of our Lord,
His Grace and Truth resound.
And his stupendous acts Record,
Whose mercies have no bound.

3. He made the all informing light
And hosts of angels fair:
’Tis he with shadows cloths the night,
He clouds or clears the air.

4. Those restless skies with stars encased
He on firm hinges set:
The wave embraced earth he placed
His hanging cabinet.

5. Wherein for us all things comply
Which he hath so decreed.
That each in order faithfully
Shall evermore proceed.

6. We in his Summer sunshine stand,
And by his favour grow,
We gather what his bounteous hand
Is pleased to bestow.

7. When he contracts his brow we mourn,
And all our strength is vain,
To former dust in death we turn,
Till he inspire again.

8. Then to this mighty Lord give praise
And all our voices prove.
The Glory of his name to raise,
The God of Peace and Love.

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