Saturday, December 05, 2020

7 African Church Fathers, and other links

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7 African Church Fathers You Should Know -- “In fact there are several African church fathers that many people aren’t aware of or don’t acknowledge as African.”
Angels Marrying Humans and Jesus Preaching in Hell? The Happenings of Genesis 6 and 1 Peter 3 -- “I can’t wrap my brain around a position grammatically or contextually that says angels procreated with human beings to produce giants, and then Jesus later went to preach to these fallen angels while they were chained in demon prison.”
Baby Molly Sets World Record: Born 27 Years After She Was Frozen as an Embryo -- “I think this is proof positive that no embryo should ever be discarded, certainly not because it is ‘old!'”
Biden in September: No Victory Until the Election Is Independently Certified -- “Biden ended up delivering his victory speech on Saturday night, four days after the election. Meanwhile, the 2020 presidential election has yet to be certified...”
Correspondence of Augustine and Jerome concerning the Latin Translation of the Bible -- “Augustine calls upon Jerome to justify this departure from the customary text, tells of a disturbance which has arisen on this account, and urges him to reconsider. Jerome replies with characteristic vigor.”
Democrats’ Sore Loser Hypocrisy Is Damaging Democracy -- “The problem with the liberal critique of Trump and the Republicans lies in the fact that it was the Democrats who refused to accept the presidential election results in 2016. These are the same people who spent the last four years spreading conspiracy theories about the 2016 election...”
Figgy Barbecue Pulled Pork -- “Bring something new to the table with this easy ‘cue.”
Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill Policy Memorandum -- “In addition to consolidation, the Bill seeks to modernise and extend existing hate crime legislation...”
How Anti-Missionary Laws Are Influencing the Evangelical Church in Russia -- “In practice the so-called anti-terrorist laws turned out to be anti-missionary and even anti-church laws. Instead of a war on terror, the state unfurled a very real war against religious freedom.”
Photographer Captures Alabama-Coushatta Heritage -- “At age 14, Hector Maldonado attended his first Native American powwow in Chicago.”
Scottish Bill Would Criminalize ‘Hate Speech’ in Private Homes -- “The legislation criminalizes hate speech relating to age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity, and variations in sex characteristics, including potentially hate speech spoken in private residences.”
The Faith of Ethiopia—and Its Prime Minister: An Ancient Story Revealed -- “...according to church historian Nicephorus, Matthias, the one chosen to replace Judas, also preached the gospel in Ethiopia.”
The True Blue -- “W. C. Austin edited the magazine, a man who spent most his ministry in Arkansas and Oklahoma. The contents reflect the typical salty humor and serious spiritual concern...”
White Plains Baptist, Greene County, Org. 1806 -- “White Plains Baptist Church was organized in 1806, and pre-dates the town of White Plains, which was incorporated in 1834.”
Winged Skull Gravestone Symbols -- “Burial sites during the 18th century were usually in churchyards. So church-goers would see these macabre symbols coming and going from services. The symbols served as a means to keep one thinking with an eternal perspective.”

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