Thursday, December 03, 2020

Be found faithful

Just read a few days ago: How transactional faith led evangelicals to embrace transactional politics – “Small wonder, then, that some evangelicals just adapted this transactional model of faith to politics: We’ll give you votes if you’ll do what we want. That’s a shrewd enough business proposition.” Wingfield also references Michael Gerson in This is a massive failure of character among Republicans — with evangelicals out in front.

It is well for conservatives, evangelicals, fundamentalists, and biblicists of every stripe to read such articles with humility and an eye to someone seeing either specks or beams in our eyes that we have missed. (And I believe there are some.) Are we following our Lord better and closer than we are following our politics? God, help us to do so.

Nevertheless, I find it ludicrous when liberals write pretending that they think morals matter to them but not to conservatives. Really? Perhaps we Americans have descended into a morass where morals do not really matter that much to either major party – as long as their candidates will hand them the outcome they desire! Should anyone be as stupid as suggesting a vote for a moral third party candidate (or maybe not voting at all), each side of the two-party system rushes in to tell us we are wasting out votes and to vote for their side. Then they ease back into supporting their own immorality while lecturing the other side on morality.

May we who are Christians never muddy our faith and practice to suit political practicalities and priorities. “Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.”

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