Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Plain Gospel, Jesus Died for Me

I could not find any information online about an old cassette tape I have, so I decided to put this online to preserve the information. Someday I would love to find that this is on a CD.

Gospel singing group from Eva, Morgan County, Alabama is called “Plain Gospel.” The title of the tape is “Jesus Died for Me.”

The group members were: 

  • Phillip Robinson, tenor
  • S. D. Childers, lead
  • Barbara Frost, lead
  • Gayle Frost, alto
  • Charles Frost, bass
  • Sandra Childers, piano
  • Mike Riddle, bass & guitar

The songs on the cassette tape are:

  1. Gloryland
  2. Heaven Will Be Mine
  3. I Call Him Lord
  4. Inside the Gates
  5. It’s So Peaceful
  6. It’s Still the Blood
  7. Jesus Died for Me
  8. Light At the River
  9. My Best Friend
  10. No Other Fountain
  11. We’re Just Pilgrims
  12. What a Meeting

I did not find a date on the liner notes, but this was probably recorded in the 1980s. It was produced by Dawn Studios/New Morning Asheville, North Carolina.

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