Thursday, July 23, 2020

Parental Authority in Education

Some want to make a black Michigan teenager the new face of systemic racism. The case involves A Teenager Didn’t Do Her Online Schoolwork. So a Judge Sent Her to Juvenile Detention. “Because of the confidentiality of juvenile court cases, it’s impossible to determine how unusual Grace’s situation is. But attorneys and advocates in Michigan and elsewhere say they are unaware of any other case involving the detention of a child for failing to meet academic requirements after schools closed to help stop the spread of COVID-19.” The case is a little more involved than just that. The fact that the teenager was already on probation is also involved. A judge ruled that her not completing her schoolwork violated her terms of probation. Recently the Judge denied release of teen girl who was jailed after not doing homework. Whether it is an actual case of racism is open to question. Everything that happens to a person who is black does not mean it happened because he or she is black.

All that said, that this should happen is a result of the liberal Left mentality that the state rather than the parent has the authority in and is responsible for a child’s education. This should not have happened, but, in my opinion, this is an outgrowth of the educational philosophy of the very people who are decrying it. For example, political commentator Melissa Harris-Perry says, “We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.” On the other hand, some philosphies view parents as having authority “because they have special obligations to their children.” New Testament Christians understand parental authority to rear and educate their children as a special obligation entrusted to them by God. “Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord.” Colossians 3:20

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