Wednesday, April 29, 2020

President of Revision Committee

White, Dr. C. M. Charles Maxwell White of Geneva County, Alabama must be this person, though available records that refer to him as a doctor have not been located. He is listed as a farmer in the 1900 and 1910 censuses. He may have been a country doctor as well. A 1908 newspaper report of the United Convention mentions the Dr. White of south Alabama as a delegate to the convention.[i] “Dr. C. M. White, of Geneva county” was “among the prominent members attending” the Alabama State Musical Association in 1911. He served as president of a singing convention, at the Geneva County Courthouse in Geneva, Alabama, August of 1901. Born March 6, 1868, he was the son of Joakim James L. White and Sarah Ann Register. He married Mariam Sebenna Grace (1870–1966) and they had eight children. Charles M. White died October 9, 1913. He and Mariam are buried at the Hurricane United Methodist Church Cemetery at Hartford, Geneva County, Alabama. There is no obvious kinship with the B. F. White family.
        1909-1911 Revision Committees

[i] “Harp Singers At Tabernacle,” in Newspaper Accounts from the Atlanta Constitution and Atlanta Journal of the United Sacred Harp Musical Association 1904-1956, John Plunkett, Tucker, GA: 2003

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