Saturday, April 25, 2020

J. L. White Sacred Harp songs

Below are links to songs online, in either audio or video, that are in the 1911 The Sacred Harp, Fourth Edition with Supplement, by J. L. White. The list is songs that are – or at least one time were – unique to the J. L. White book. Some of these songs have since been published in other books, e.g. The Sacred Harp, Cooper Edition, and The Shenandoah Harmony. In two cases (on the Wootten Family recording) the poster gives the more accessible Cooper Book number, but I believe the family was singing from the White book, where they originally learned those songs. A few of the songs are not recorded in a Sacred Harp class singing.

If you know of the location of other songs J. L. White book songs online that are not linked, please let me know and I will link them. Thanks so much!

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