Saturday, April 11, 2020

In other words, Black Friar to red mercury

  • Black Friar, noun. A member of the Dominican order of friars.
  • colour-de-roy, noun and adjective. A cloth of a rich purple colour associated with the French kings; this colour itself. Later also: a bright tawny colour; a cloth of this colour. Also figurative.
  • house-lew, noun. Shelter of a house.
  • leggiadrous, adjective. Graceful, elegant.
  • macaronic, adjective and noun. Of the nature of or designating a jumble or medley.
  • red mercury, noun. A supposedly powerful radioactive substance rumoured to have been manufactured in Russia and elsewhere, and suggested as a potential ingredient of nuclear weapons for terrorists (believed to be part of a confidence trick).
  • scripophilist, noun. A person who collects old bond and share certificates as a pursuit or hobby.
  • timelily, adverb. In a timely manner. Cf. timely.
  • train-scent, noun. An object dragged along the ground to make a scent for hounds to follow; a chase using such an object; a drag.
  • uranography, noun. A description of heaven.
  • wallydraigle, noun. A lazy, unkempt, or slovenly person; a good-for-nothing, a slob, a slattern.

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