Sunday, April 05, 2020

Alone, all alone

The words and music of Alone were written by Thomas Willard Loftin. As best I can tell, the song first appeared in J. L. White’s revision of The Sacred Harp in 1909 on page 206 (new/second section). It is found on page 543a in The Sacred Harp, Fourth Edition with Supplement (1911/2007). Alone was added to the Deason-Parris Revision of The Christian Harmony (aka Alabama Book) in 1958, on page 261b. It appears in The Christian Harmony (2010 Combined Edition), also on page 261b.

The meter contains 8 syllables per line in four-line stanzas. Since the stress is irregular, it is probably best labeled P.M. (Particular Meter; that is, Iambic Long Meter or Anapestic 8s hymns will not fit well with this tune).

T. W. Loftin died in 1967 at age 93, and is buried at the Magnolia Cemetery in DeFuniak Springs, Walton County, Florida.

1. Father’s gone and left me alone,
No father's hand to guide my feet;
No father’s arm to lean upon,
In the silent tomb, father sleeps.

2. Mother too has left me alone,
No mother now to kiss my cheek;
No mother’s breast to learn upon,
In the silent tomb, mother sleeps.

3. O mine eyes with tear drops are dimmed,
My heart is bleeding now and torn;
O all my joys have passed away,
And I cannot here longer stay.

I really like this song. It is sentimental in nature, so not applicable for church worship services. However, it is enjoyable in private and social singing and may be appropriate for memorials, memorial lessons, or as a funeral song. I have not found the words of this hymn online, neither a recording of the song.

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