Saturday, December 23, 2017

Politically-Correct-"Christmas" version

Luke 1:26-35 in the PCCV (politically-correct-"Christmas" version of the Bible)

26 And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel went to the city of Nazareth in Galilee,
27 To see a young girl who was engaged to be married to Joseph, a descendant of King David. The girl’s name was Mary.
28 And the angel appeared to her saying, “Hi, there. I hope I didn’t frighten you. The Lord has a proposition he’d like for you to consider.”
29 And Mary wondered just what might be going on.
30 The angel said, “Don’t be afraid. God likes you very much.”
31 “Please think about it and then let us know whether you agree; God is hoping that you would be the one to give birth to the Messiah, his son who will be named Jesus, if that’s okay with you.”
32 “This would be really good if you are willing to do this, for Jesus is going to be great and called the Son of God.”
33 “And he will reign over the house of Jacob (if they are willing, of course), and his kingdom will last forever (if no one objects).
34 Then Mary said, “If I agree to this, how will it happen?”
35 And the angel answered and said to Mary, “Well, if you are willing to be a participant who agrees to all this, then (and only then) the Holy Spirit’s power will cause you to become pregnant. Therefore the child you give birth to will be called God’s son.”

Why did God choose Mary to be the mother of Jesus? Was it something in Mary or something she did? "She was a young Jewish virgin." "She was holy." "She was receptive." And on it goes. Of all the women who have ever lived, was she the only receptive holy young virgin? Of all the young unmarried Jewish women in her day, was she the only receptive holy young virgin? Why did God choose Mary? The Bible does not say! The wrong answers have made Mary the object of worship and special adoration.

The birth of Jesus Christ happened as much according to the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God as did His crucifixion. He came in the fullness of time -- God’s time -- to the right people in the right place. He fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies of His first advent.

Why did God choose Mary? The Bible does not say! But this we do know. The angel announced to Mary, "thou hast found favour with God." The Greek word for favour is "charis", which is translated "grace" well over 100 times in the Bible. Mary became the mother of Jesus by GOD'S grace, His unmerited favour, His eternal choice, and His unlimited power. It was nothing that Mary did. It was nothing that she was. God extended grace. Oh, how the natural man recoils from this being an unconditional choice on God's part. But God did not ask Mary if she, a young unmarried Jewish virgin girl who had never known a man, wanted to be the mother of the Saviour. He chose her. He called her. The Holy Ghost came upon her, she conceived and brought forth a Son and called His name Jesus -- "for he shall save his people from their sins."

How like God's choice of Mary is His choice to save poor undeserving sinners. It is nothing we do. It is nothing we are. God extended grace. Thank God for His grace.

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