Thursday, December 22, 2016

One thing I like...

...about the Southern Baptist Convention.

Yesterday I posted Four things I don't like about the Southern Baptist Convention. I want to briefly call attention to one think I like about the Southern Baptist Convention (or perhaps I could say one thing by which I am impressed). As far as I know, the Southern Baptist Convention is the only major American Christian denomination that was able to halt, and perhaps reverse, its liberal slide. By the late 1960s one would have thought the SBC was about to drift off into the same ecumenical liberalism as the main-liners like the United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church USA, and so forth. But, due to what some call the Conservative Resurgence and others call the Fundamentalist Takeover, the slide was halted before the edge of the precipice was reached -- and this even considering the disadvantage of a built-in system that discourages dissent.

[Disclaimer: 1. I am not a Southern Baptist. 2. These posts should not be taken to mean there are only 4 things I dislike about the SBC, or only 1 thing I like.]

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