Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Electors select Donald Trump

For all the squawking about the Electoral College and faithless electors, the results turned out much as expected. Last night ABC reported that Donald Trump Cruised to Electoral College Victory Despite Protests, garnering 304 electoral votes to 227 for Hillary Clinton (270 Electoral College votes were needed to win the presidency).

There were "faithless electors," but more on the Democratic side than Republican. According to AP's Stephen Ohlemacher, "With all Republican states reporting, Trump lost only the two electors in Texas. One voted for Kasich, the Ohio governor; the other voted for former Texas Rep. Ron Paul. Clinton lost four electors in Washington state — three voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell and one voted for Native American tribal leader Faith Spotted Eagle. She also lost an elector in Hawaii to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders."

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