Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Evangelicals for Trump, Atheists for Clinton

Notional Christians: The Big Election Story in 2016 -- "Religion played a significant role in the election, from the activity of dozens of national religious leaders, to the importance of various faith-related issues, to the high level of turnout among key segments of faith-driven voters."

On November 15th, I referred to an article that painted with a big brush -- the lesser educated supported Trump. Well, one might paint with an equally big brush to suggest the atheists supported Clinton (that’s sort of true, but generalizations can be misleading). To be more specific in our understanding, consider reading the above linked article.
Evangelicals emerged as one of Donald Trump’s most ardent bases of support. Nearly four out of five (79%) voted for Trump, compared to 18 percent siding with Hillary Clinton, providing the Republican candidate with better than a four-to-one margin. Non-evangelical born again Christians also gave the President-elect a comfortable margin, 56 percent to 35 percent. The remaining Christian-leaning segment, the notional Christians, essentially split their vote, providing Trump with a scant two-point preference (49% to 47%).
Among the non-Christian groups, Clinton was the clear preference. When it comes to the voters who associated with a non-Christian faith, 71 percent selected her while only 20 percent backed Trump. Skeptics also preferred Clinton but by a smaller margin (60% to 27%).

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